Innova&acción Business Challenge

You have talent? Are you an innovator?

Innova&acción Business Challenge can help you develop your full potential in just 4 phases

01. Challengers selection (companies)
Innova&acción will select the most innovative companies and firms (CHALLENGERS).

Innova&acción experts’ team will work very closely with the designated business representatives to select, define and present the strategic challenge that applies in the innovative process.
02. Challenged selection
Innova&acción Business Challenge will call for talented young people or suitable profiles (CHALLENGED) to join the project who contribute more value, both individually and as a group, to each of the challenges.
Teams will be made up of 5 or 6 people, and two different groups will be assigned to each challenge due to obtain different perspectives and results.
03. The hachathon itself
El hackaton se desarrollará desde las 15h del viernes 21 de septiembre hasta las 15h del sábado 22 de septiembre de 2018. A lo largo de estas 24 horas, participantes, empresas, mentores y responsables de la organización trabajarán para obtener una solución al reto planteado. Retadores y retados participarán además en talleres formativos sobre las metodologías a utilizar.
04. Closing session with companies
Innova&acción Business Challenge team will make an individual day of reflection with all the participating companies.

During this day of reflection, firms will obtain:

• A dossier of the event that includes all proposals made.
• Photos and videos of the working day.
work hours
Challenges to solve
Minds working together
€ award