Innova&acción Business Challenge: Terms and conditions

Published 13 January 2019

The Fundación Politécnica de la Comunidad Valenciana, with CIF (Spanish tax registration number) B-96.722.012 and registered offices at calle  Don Juan de Austria, 38, 46002 Valencia, hereinafter the Foundation, hereby announces a 24-hour hackathon, hereinafter the Competition, to be held on 27-28 September 2019 pursuant to the following terms and conditions.

ONE. The Foundation has decided to hold the Competition in order to generate open innovation with the participation of companies committed to innovation and young talent seeking to transform their curiosity into reality. The aim of the Competition is for the talented youngsters who take up the challenge to find different sorts of solutions for the challenges put forward by the companies taking part (challengers).

TWO. Those wishing to take part must sign up during the registration period, i.e. between the publication of these terms and conditions until 23:59 on 22 September on the website > “Registration”, stating their name, surname(s) and ID number, and attaching a CV containing details deemed to be useful for the selection process.

Participants must sign up individually and must be aged over 18 on the date of registration. The registration of groups or companies is not allowed.

THREE. The Competition is open to anyone who meets all the following requirements at all times during the Competition, i.e. persons who are:

  • Of legal age and who have completed a bachelor’s degree in the last five years or are pursuing a post-grad master’s degree at the time of registration. In any case, persons in further education or who will finish such education at a later time may be eligible if their abilities are exceptionally relevant to the challenges set forth.
  • Able to demonstrate their ability to design and develop a solution for one of the challenges set forth in the Competition by submitting their CV or a similar document as an attachment to the registration email.
  • Able to guarantee that the ideas developed during the Competition are original and to demonstrate that such ideas are their own.
  • Participating in the Competition according to the procedure set forth in these terms and conditions.

The Foundation reserves the right to reject the registration of any person who, in the opinion of the Foundation and their collaborators, does not meet the requirements stipulated in these terms and conditions.

FOUR. The maximum number of participants in the Competition will be 96, in teams of no fewer than four and no more than six participants. Two teams will be assigned to each challenge. Participants will be assigned on the basis of the track record of all team members in order of registration until the maximum number of participants is reached. The final number of participants may be lower than the maximum number permitted depending on the number of applications, challenges put forward and the track record of the team members.

FIVE. The registered participants who are selected will be notified from 15 September onwards until the maximum number is reached, but no later than 25 September, by email sent to the email address used when entering the Competition. On 27 September the selected participants will be notified of the members of each team, the assigned challenge and the nature of the company putting forward the challenge for which they are to design and propose a solution. Selected participants must confirm their participation in the hackathon by answering the selection notification email within 48 hours.

Participants must appear in person on the date and at the time announced. They must bring along laptops or other equipment they deem necessary to search for information, if necessary, when taking decisions about their challenge. Failure to appear or the absence of at least two of the members of one of the teams will mean the automatic disqualification of the same, unless the organisers are able to relocate the members who did appear.

SIX. All the information, documentation, software, technical and training materials made available directly or indirectly to participants in the Innovayacción Business Challenge by the organisers, the companies that put forward the challenges or other collaborations, must be treated as confidential and may not be shared with or sent to any third party by participants, nor be used commercially by the latter or on their behalf. Participants undertake, if deemed necessary by the companies that put forward the challenges, to sign any documents which may be necessary or advisable to ensure this.

SEVEN. By accepting these terms and conditions, participants declare that the ideas and prototypes which they may develop during the Innovayacción Business Challenge are unpublished and are their own creation and do not, therefore, breach or encroach upon the copyright of any third parties, and that there is no conflict as regards the intellectual and/or industrial copyright (brands, patents, royalties, etc.) related to the solution.

Participants undertake to hold the organization harmless for any possible claim from a third party related to the intellectual property of the application submitted, and the participant fully assumes any cost that may arise in favour of such third parties, including the cost of legal representation. The participants agree to the transfer, on an exclusive, irrevocable basis, in perpetuity and for all countries of the world, of all rights of use of the application and ideas developed during the hackathon, including any adaptation that the companies that put forward the challenges may make to the same. To this end, the teams shall sign the necessary or opportune documents in favour of the companies that put forward the challenges to ensure the effective transfer of rights. EIGHT. A jury will choose the winning team from amongst the finalists selected beforehand by the companies that have set each challenge. The winning team will receive the prizes detailed in clause nine. The companies that put forward the challenges will choose one of the teams that solve their challenge by applying the business, strategy and opportunity criteria they think fit. On the other hand, the criteria used by the jury to choose the winning team of the Competition will be:

  •     Feasibility
  •     Extent of innovation
  •     Ease of implementation
  •     Communication appeal

On September 22, the winning team will be notified about how to collect their prize. The prize must be accepted and the data required for accepting the prize must be notified within a maximum of 7 working days, after which time the right to the prize will be lost. The companies that put forward the challenges may, if they so wish, propose additional prizes for their own challenges. The conditions applicable to the winning teams will be the same as those for the winning team of the Innovayacción Business Challenge. By accepting the prize, the winning team expressly authorises the Foundation to take the necessary steps to confirm compliance with the entrance requirements. Claims related to this Competition must be made by email to no later than 7 working days from the day after the winners are announced,  NINE. The prize will consist of: €3,000 for the winning team. As mentioned in the previous clause, companies that set challenges during the competition may add specific prizes for the teams taking part in solving them. TEN. The expenses in which members of the winning team incur as a result of accepting the prize, such as travel or living allowances, will be borne by the winner of the same. The prize is personal and non-transferable and will be divided equally among all the members of the team who have taken part according to the terms and conditions set forth. The prizes in this Competition may not, under any circumstances, be changed, altered or compensated at the request of the winner. In any case, in the event of reasonable grounds, the Foundation reserves the right to replace the prize by another of equal or higher value. The prize may not be sold or marketed. ELEVEN. Participants expressly authorize the Foundation to publish their full name and any other information they submit which is relevant for publicising the event. They also authorize their image and/or voice to be used in news and/or advertising about this Hackathon on any appropriate media, including social media, Facebook and Twitter profiles and any other medium or support without any payment for the same. Such authorization is deemed to be for an unlimited period. TWELVE. The Foundation reserves the right to disregard during the Competition any participants or teams who misuse the tools used whilst participating in the same or who act fraudulently or unethically or who adversely affect other participants. Should the Foundation or any entity that has a contractual relationship with this Competition detect any anomaly or suspect that anyone is interfering with the normal course of the Competition, it reserves the right to take into consideration and even automatically withdraw the prize from any participants or teams who have benefited directly or indirectly from this type of activity. THIRTEEN. In addition, the Foundation reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time during the Competition period, or even cancel them whenever there is justified reason, and undertakes to notify the new terms and conditions sufficient time in advance or, if applicable, to notify the definitive cancellation of the Competition via the same channels used to notify these terms and conditions.

Neither the Foundation nor their collaborators shall be held responsible:

•   For any services that third-party companies must provide in relation to this promotion.•   For any incidents arising from this activity due to causes of force majeure.•   For any lost or damaged entries or any sent incorrectly or received late for whatever reason.•   For any failures or incidents in any telecommunication systems that prevent normal access to or work on the Innovayacción Business Challenge web page.•   For any liability of any nature due to a temporary lack of access to or interruption in telecommunication networks.•   For any incorrect or inaccurate information, including any provided by participants, or printing errors or any of the programs or equipment associated with or used in the promotion.•   For technical failures of any kind including, but not limited to, any inadequate operating, interruptions or disconnections of telephone lines and network hardware or software.•   For unauthorized human intervention at any time during partition or promotion.•   For any technical or human errors that may arise whilst managing the promotion or dealing with participants.•   For any damage to persons or property due to the direct or indirect, complete or partial participation of candidates in the promotion, or the receipt of the prize or the due or improper use thereof.•   For any physical damage to participants during the event or on their way there.

Neither the Foundation nor its collaborators shall be held responsible for the prize not being received due to any cause attributable to the winner.

FOURTEEN. Pursuant to personal data protection regulations (General Data Protection Regulations, EU 2016/679), the entity responsible for processing personal data is the Fundación Politécnica de la Comunidad Valenciana, Spanish tax registration CIF G96722012 for the purpose of managing the selection of participants and their subsequent participation in the Hackathon Innovayacción Business Challenge. Data will be stored as long as necessary for the purposes for which they were collected, unless the Fundación Politécnica de la Comunidad Valenciana receives a request to unsubscribe or notification of opposition or withdrawn consent. These data may be transferred to the Alumni Association of the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia in order to become a member of the same, free of charge for the first year.

The legal grounds for the data processing carried out in order to manage participation are the consent of the interested party. The participant alone is responsible for any false, inaccurate, incomplete or outdated information provided when filling out the form. However, any withdrawal of consent will not affect the lawfulness of the data processing carried out beforehand.

The rights of access, rectification, opposition, limitation and portability may be exercised by writing to the following address: Calle Don Juan de Austria 38 1º,  Entresuelo 2, 46002 Valencia (Valencia).

FIFTEEN. Taking part in the Competition implies abiding by the present terms and conditions and also abiding by the Foundation’s criteria when settling any matters stemming from the same.

SIXTEEN. The prizes in this venture are subject to Spanish Law 35/2006 dd November 28 governing the income tax of physical persons, and Royal Decree 439/2007 dd March 30 which passed the regulations concerning the income tax of physical persons; Spanish Law 13/2011 dd May 27 governing gambling; Royal Decree 3059/1966 dd December 1 which passed the amendment on tax rates; and other consonant provisions, so that, when applicable, the Foundation will be responsible for paying in or withholding the respective tax.

All prize winners are obliged to provide the Foundation with their taxation data so that the latter can fulfil all the formal obligations arising from this promotion. The Foundation will provide the winner with the respective withholding certificates within the mandatory period.

Each winner is responsible for complying with the income tax and accounting obligations arising from the prize.

SEVENTEEN. In order to settle any dispute or disagreement that may arise in relation to the construction or application of these terms and conditions, both the Foundation and the participants in the venture expressly agree to abide by the jurisdiction and competence of the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Valencia and expressly waive any other jurisdiction to which they might be entitled.

The law applicable to this venture will be that of Spain.